Case study
Noweyung LEAPs into Digital Technology
[Noweyung Ltd]


Noweyung provides service to people with disabilities. We have four ACFE pre-accredited courses. Our organization has embraced the concept of being part of the digital age and as a result decided to take advantage of the project to garner some guidance towards this goal. In specific:
Implement and integrate new technologies into the daily running of the training services.
This includes:
  • Integration of I pad technologies into majority of activities (we have purchased 19 I pads)
  • Explore different APPS for people with higher needs and other needs and how they can use in everyday life
  • Setting up an IT committee and including IT planning in the strategic direction of the organization

What was done

● Introduction of tablets for staff use-age in management of data and daily sessions-
This has been problematic because of the capacity of the current server. A new one is being out in place.
● Use Wi Fi technology – now has been done following an update of the current system- still to be resolved for coverage in certain parts of the building (to do with the structure of the walls)
● Increase staff capabilities and knowledge in digital literacy also to build their capacity to teach other E learners. Most staff are using I Pads in most programs with great success:
  • Looking at different apps
  • Using for games
  • Connecting with others
  • Examples:
    • Book creator
    • Skype
  • Measuring staff skills- through surveys & supporting individuals
  • Included in regular training sessions- how to use I Pads
  • Regular updates on what we can do in integrate into programs
● For staff and learners to explore and participate in social networking systems where appropriate- at this stage includes project & some online training
  • Investigating & using Skype, facebook. Yammar, Lync 2013. Used own Facebook page – using to connect with clients and families & building number of friends
  • Clients & families are purchasing their own I Pads for families- this is only starting because we have so many not involved in technology at the moment
  • Keep up to date with Digital Opportunities as they arise so we can modernize our organization- what we are finding is so important in being part of E-mentoring program
  • Look at how our organization can use social networking systems to advertise, promote and grow our business into the future- co-dependent on the capacity of our stakeholders. People going home to show what they are doing is inspiring the families to want to support them by doing this at home. We are in turn providing guidance as to what to purchase and how to use it in their home.
  • Set up IT committee, developed social media policies, currently being included in strategic plan,

Benefits experienced by [organization/ teachers and learners]

Learning ways to implement the digital technologies in the Pre-accredited delivery
Looking at ways to enhance the communication between the two centers
Expanded our delivery of courses to included Digital Literacy at Orbost
Increased knowledge & competence of staff
Greater engagement of participants and some carers
Embedded IT planning in the strategic planning of the Organization

Lessons learnt
Not everything happens as quickly as you would like
Not all technologies are suited – you have to choose
Identifying someone who wants to lead the charge in IT expansion

The results

Opened new possibilities regarding pre-accredited delivery
Expanded our professional network
Expanded what we can provide digitally
Engaged the Learners and the staff in a different way
Built staff knowledge

Reflections and suggestions

Continue expansion
Explore different sorts of partnerships for delivery
Continue to build on what we have
Links to tools and websites
Moodle & Links
Apple APPS- many examples of these- Book creator has been great


For more information

For more information on the DEECD e-mentor project
Contact: Josie Rose
T: 9652 0710

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